It hardly seems more than a few years ago that batteries were the huge, inefficient things that we had to top up with distilled water. 

How things have changed. Todays batteries are FAR more environmentally friendly, with power densities, (how much power a battery will store compared to it’s size), increasing year on year.

A modern battery has the ability to communicate with the other parts of a solar system, to make best use of the the power available, and to prolong it’s life at the same time. No more worrying about over or undercharging… it’s all taken care of by the battery itself, and the other items of tech wizardry that surround it.

You probably guessed that we’re a bit obsessed with batteries – (after all, they are the core of any solar system). So when we talk to you about the best solar for your needs, don’t be surprised if we mention batteries….  quite a lot 🙂    

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