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We’re Fully Certified & Trained To Install Podpoint, Project EV, and ALL the popular brands of Electric Vehicle chargers. We can also help you choose from the bewildering array of chargers that are currently on the market.

Electric vehicles (also known as EV’s) are rapidly becoming popular throughout the UK. Not only are plug-in electric vehicles practical and effective, but they also significantly reduce emissions and save consumers money.
We have seen major changes in the EV market recently, and our team are fitting more and more as we start to move over to a renewable country. We’re constantly expanding our expertise in the field of new products and chargers, which are becoming more and more competitive, both in terms of price and features.


Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant

To help private plug-in electric vehicle owners offset some of the upfront cost of the purchase and installation of a dedicated domestic recharging unit, the Government offers the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant. More information <HERE>

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Workplace Charging Scheme

There’s help for business too! The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a voucher-based scheme which is
designed to provide applicants with support towards the upfront costs of the purchase and installation of up to EV chargepoints. 

For more information, click <HERE>

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The future of cars is looking super-charged, with electric vehicles becoming more commonplace and plans for EV charging points ramping up across the country.

“Government grants are making installation of EV chargers even more attractive to homeowners & businesses alike”.

Due to a lack of public charging infrastructure, more and more homeowners are resorting to charging their EVs via unsafe methods. Dangerous options, such as using an indoor multi-socket extension cable, can pose a huge fire risk to your vehicle and home. This is simply a risk which is not worth taking.

Instead, speak to Sam in our sales team who can advise on exactly what’s required to keep everyone in your household safe.

Should you require a new circuit, we are certified and fully qualified to do this, and  can take care of all the formalities with the Local Authority and National Grid.

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