Solar Power… Is it for YOU??

How can you benefit from Solar Power?


The Sun…. it’s FREE FOREVER

 Every 24 hours, enough sunlight touches the Earth to power the entire planet for 24 years (source) 

With the cost of energy going through the roof, and no sign of it returning to sensible levels anytime soon, it makes more sense than ever to invest in solar energy for home or business.

Solar installations come in all shapes and sizes, and we use our expertise to design a system tailored to you, and your personal energy needs.

There is a fantastic range of splar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries available to build your system, and you don’t need a roof the size of a football pitch to benefit from solar electricity.

The great thing about solar power is that it starts saving you money from the day it’s installed.

One of the first questions we’re asked is “How much power will my system generate”. You might think that that would be like asking “How long’s a piece of string”, but we can give you a very good estimate of what you could expect from your solar energy system, using a suite of state of the art computer simulations that take the guesswork out of designing a solar panel system.

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MYTHS about Solar Power


Myth - Solar Panels Can't be Recycled

Solar panels absolutely CAN be recycled. After a long life, (typically 35 – 40 yrs), they can be separated into aluminium, glass, and silicon, which are all very easy to recycle. <source>

Myth - Making Solar Panels uses a LOT of energy

The manufacture of solar panels is extremely energy efficient, as it’s a relatively new process, and was always designed to be energy efficient. Also, the materials used in solar panels can be provided from already recycled items, making the manufacture of solar panels very eco-friendly.  <source>

Myth - Solar Power will never pay for itself

In reality, solar starts paying back the day it’s installed. Thought of as an investment, Solar can bring an excellent return.

Sophisticated Design Software

setting up solar panels

• To get the best from your Solar Panels, Batteries etc., the system must be properly matched, and correctly positioned to “catch” the sun throughout the seasons.

• Our leading-edge design systems allow us to take full advantage of every ray of sun. Don’t worry if this is all “Double Dutch” to you – we are MCS approved installers, fully trained in the latest technologies. 

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The earth receives approx 173,000 TWh of energy from the sun hourly, and Total energy usage (from ALL sources (2017)) was 160,000 TWh” <SOURCE>

“A typical solar panel will save over 900kg of CO2 per year that results in a carbon payback period of ~ 1.6 years…”  <SOURCE>