Frequently Asked Questions

Does my roof have to be south-facing?

To get the most from your panels, south-facing will give the best performance, however, you will still get good performance from east and west-facing panels.

Do I notice a difference straight away?

Yes, as soon as your system is installed it will start saving your money and bringing your bills down.

What happens to the insurance if I move home?

This automatically goes to the new owner of the property.

Do I have to have a lot of spare room for solar to be installed and will it cause much disruption to my property?

 Solar can be installed in many places but is normally fitted in areas that aren’t often seen. You don’t need to be able to gain access to it, as once it is installed it will function without any attention. Common places can be hallways and landing cupboards, garages and lofts. Cables do need to be installed to connect all the various components together. This is normally done using conduit down the side or rear of the property or sometimes trunking within depending on the positioning. We always aim to make the installation aesthetically pleasing.

Do the Inverters have a warranty?

Yes, this ranges from five years to 10 years depending on manufacturers. This can be increased by purchasing an extended warranty policy.

Do I have to tell anyone if I have solar installed?

Yes, your DNO (Distribution Network Operator) must be informed. This can be done before or after the solar system is installed, depending on what size system you have. We can do all this on your behalf. All we will require is a signature and your MPAN number.

Would you put your batteries outside?

Yes, this is possible however they can be affected by the cold temperatures and therefore will have a reduced performance.

Does my battery have to be close to the inverter?

This all depends on the battery installed as some do enable them to be installed further away from the inverter.

I have lots of Shading on my property can I still have solar panels installed?

Yes, there are products designed to cater for these issues that will maximise the performance from your array.

How many Solar Panels will I need?

Naturally, that depends on the amount of electricity you use, the amount of roof space available, your lifestyle etc., etc. That’s why we offer a completely FREE, no obligation survey. We don’t employ sales people, so you’ll get an honest appraisal and suggestions for your ideal Solar system.

Where is the best place to place the panels?

The optimum place would be a south facing roof, free of shadows from trees etc. In the real world, almost any un-shaded roof area will give a very useful amount of power. And your panels can be split between several surfaces… they don’t all have to be in one place.

Do Solar Panels need a lot of sun to work?

Cloudy days tend to give a reduced output, but even a British winter day will produce SOME power. In most cases, you’ll also have batteries that charge when the sun shines, and provide power when it doesn’t. PLUS, you’ll remain connected to the electricity grid, so you’ll NEVER be left without power.

Does a Solar System need a lot of maintenance?

No! Your system needs little or no maintenance. Even the glass on our solar panels is specially made to resist soiling.

What if the sun is not out?

Solar panels work better in direct sunlight; however, they will still generate power in everyday light.

What are the requirements if I move home?

Solar Right Ltd will supply you with all the relevant documents on completion to ensure the sale of the property will be an issue-free process.

Do you guarantee your work?

Solar Right give a 2-year insurance-backed workmanship warranty, should anything happen to Solar Right, you can claim on the insurance to get any issues corrected.

Can you monitor the performance of your system?

It is very easy to monitor your performance using the App. This tells you everything needed like the state of charge of the battery, how much power you are using at any one time, what the panels are producing and how the power is being distributed. You can also look back to see the history of any given date as well as a daily or total figure of generation. Settings can also be altered from the app making it far easier and user friendly.

Can I put solar on any property?

Yes, providing you have permission to use the roof of the property if you don’t already own it, and have planning permission if it’s a flat roof or ground mounted system.

Does my house have to be electrically rewired to have solar?

No, solar has its own dedicated circuit which can be connected to your existing consumer unit, assuming there is sufficient room and up to current regulations. If this is not the case, we would fit an additional consumer unit that just does the solar.

Can the battery go in my loft?

This boils down to access, and whether it will be lifted safely and fit through the loft hatch as some batteries are very heavy.

Can My System go outside?

Yes, most inverters have sufficient ingress protection to allow this. However, some manufacturers may insist on a canopy being installed over the inverter for warranty purposes.

How long will it take for it to pay for itself?

Of course, payback time varies, but you start saving from day 1.  No two systems are the same, but we can give you a pretty accurate prediction of how much power you’ll generate, and from that we can calculate the payback time.

Will my roof be strong enough to hold the panels?

Most roofs are easily capable of supporting solar panels, but we’ll naturally carry out a full structural survey to ensure that the additional weight won’t be a problem.

Do I need permission to install Solar Panels?

In most cases, Planning consent is not needed. Plus, we are qualified to certify our work for Building Regulations. You may need permission to connect to the electricity grid, but again, we are qualified to do this, and can obtain the required permission for you.

How do I know that my Solar Panels are working?

The first thing you should notice is that your electricity bill is lower! We  provide a simple and informative app (Android & iPhone) that shows you exactly how your panels have been performing, PLUS, how they are performing at this VERY minute.

solar panels app

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